CD3 2020

Updated Crusher / Separator ALLURE CD3!

Allure CD3, the upgraded model of the Crusher-Separator CD3 released in 2020 is equipped with new elements that increase the productivity of the crusher and the efficiency of the separator. Innovations include, first of all, a removable module for separating cocoa grits into fractions.
The use of a separation module reduces to 20% the loss of good, usable cocoa grits, that is removed in other crusher separators together with the cocoa vella into waste. The savings are 50 kg of cocoa grits per 1 ton of processed expensive flavoured cocoa beans.

In addition to substantial savings in raw materials, the advantages of the new model are the following:
– Allure CD3 efficiently processes cocoa beans of any size and fatness. As a result, cocoa grits are useful in confections without further peeling;
– Allure CD3 features a wider crusher drum with additional incisions to better capture cocoa grains. The Allure CD3 faceplate has a switch with the “Big beans” (BB) and “Normal beans” (NB) positions for large and normal cocoa beans. The user will no longer have to pre-sort the cocoa beans and slow down to crush the large cocoa beans. The production of cocoa grits has become stable, independent of the size of cocoa beans. The “Big beans” (BB) mode applies only to the first pass when whole (non-fragmented) cocoa beans are loaded into the receiving bin;
– The installation of the cocoa grain distributor of a special design, called “shark fins”, has made it possible to significantly improve the quality of the cocoa grain cleaning from the vella. Now the crushed cocoa beans are evenly distributed over the volume of the aspiration chamber without clots and are uniformly blown by the airflow;
To produce exquisite taste, texture and aroma of confectionery products, to prepare sprinkling for chocolate bars and tiles, to add cocoa grits to yoghurt, porridge, ice cream and other confectionery products, cocoa grits are used, the size of which should not exceed four millimetres. The separation module collects the fine cocoa grits into the inner gastronorm pan of the crusher-separator. The large fraction of cocoa grits is supplied to external gastronorm pan and is re-loaded into receiving hopper of crusher-separator. The number of repeated loads depends on the required quality of cleaning the cocoa grits from the vella.
The operating speed range of the crusher drum is increased to 70 Hz. For receiving cocoa grits of the normal cleaning intended for loading in a melanger, the recommended frequency of rotation of the drum of crusher is 70 (NB)-50 (NB)-50 (NB) or for large cocoa beans is 70(BB)-50(NB)-50(NB). For the improved cleaning the frequency of the second and third passes can be reduced to 35 Hz, for example, 70 (BB)-35 (NB)-35 (NB) where:
70 (BB) – frequency in Hertz of the first pass (shown on the frequency regulator display on the front panel); Selector switch in “Big beans” position; Whole roasted and cooled cocoa beans are loaded; Rotary gate on the outlet branch pipe of the crusher-separator is completely closed;
35 (NB) – frequency of the second pass, switch in “Normal beans” position, cocoa grits are loaded from external gastronorm pan;
35 (NB) – frequency of the third pass, switch in “Normal beans” position, cocoa grits are loaded from external gastronorm pan obtained after the second pass.
The time needed for the processing of 10 kg of cocoa beans in the 70-35-35 mode is less than 30 min. The cocoa grits exit in the 70-35-35 mode makes 83% of the weight of the loaded cocoa beans.
The 50 (BB)-50 (NB) regime is applicable for large, well-fermented and duly fried cocoa beans. Losses of cocoa grits in the 50-50 mode are minimal and represent only 14% of the weight of cocoa beans loaded into the crusher-separator.
We hope that you will appreciate the benefits of new Allure CD3 2020 and become users of the Allure company professional equipment.