A new economical melanger Allure FM5 is a golden key for enthusiasts homes cooking that will open up new possibilities for you!

Description Parameters
Power supply, 1 phase 230 V : 50/60 Hz
Power of the main drive, kW 0.2kW /0,27Hp
Current consumption no more, Amps 50 Hz, 230V: 1,3A
Loading volume, kg 4-5
Clip force of granite millstones, kg 6-70
Maximum speed of rotation, turns/min 125
Time of crushed cocoa grinding to particles in size of 25-30 microns 15 hours
Machine dimensions no more, mm 800*350*300
Dimensions of the control unit, mm built-in
Maximum weight, without packing / with packing, kg 27

FM5 will rightfully take its place next to the multi-cooker, multifunctional combine and coffee machine.

The fast, compact Allure FM5 melanger has most of the options of the best professional melangers, and will allow you to make your own home masterpieces: organic chocolates, pastes, pralines, chocolates, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, other delicacies.

Allure FM5 is a reliable, environmentally neutral device made from stainless steel and natural granite.
Expand the horizons of your home kitchen with the new Allure FM5 melanger!

Video melanger Allure FM5