Professional Melanger for 50 kg with an electric inclination of a bowl and the pneumatic pendant of millstones. Automatic equipment for temperature monitoring and protection against an overload. The control box on a separate rack. Granite millstones of our melangers allow receiving organic chocolate from aromatic cocoa beans.

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The most powerful Melanger model with a possibility of connection to household single-phase network! Reliability, ideal balance of cost, productivity, and durability are only the most obvious qualities of this Machine! The oblique bowl with an electric actuator will provide incredibly easy and simple unloading of a melanger. Melanger Allure M50 is supplied with automatic equipment of temperature monitoring and overload protection. The control box is located on a separate rack, and can be fixed on a wall. What will become your main product: urbech, nut pastes or craft chocolate -it is up to you to decide! With Allure M50 you will reach the production by batches from 10 to 50 kg!

Power supply, 1 phase (3 phases)*230V (400V)* : 50/60Hz
Power of the main drive, kW2.2kW / 2.95Hp
Current consumption no more, Amps50 Hz, 230/400 V: 8,5/4,9 / 60 Hz, 230/400 V: 8/4,7
Loading volume, kg50
Clip force of granite millstones, kg30-385
Pressure in the pneumatic system mPa /
maximum air flow nL / minn
Maximum speed of rotation, turns/min at 50/60 Hz90/108
Time of crushed cocoa grinding to particles in size of 25-30 microns36 hours
Machine dimensions no more, mm1200*8300*660/1400*1200*800
Dimensions of the control unit, mm1280*400*630
Maximum weight, without packing / with packing, kg255/300
Video ALLURE M30

Video ALLURE M30