New technical solution

The Control System of Allure professional melangers provide complete control over the chocolate manufacturing processes. On our melangers, the set production rhythm is supported due to the guaranteed time of grinding*).
Using our melangers you get the following features:
-to calculate the amount of processed raw materials (the need for cocoa nibs, cane sugar, milk powder, etc.),
-to plan the volume of the finished product,
-to determine the time of a full bean-to-bar production cycle.

The recipe you developed can be accurately and repeatedly reproduced subject to the chocolate preparation modes due to the presence of sensors and indication of the following indicators: the product temperature, the millstones pressure, the percent of used power, and the rotation speed of the tank with a granite bottom.
Our melangers have the function of automatically maintaining the set temperature because the temperature of chocolate preparation is a key parameter of the quality and taste of the final product.
The scope of supply of Allure M80 and Allure M30 melangers is supplemented with a product cooling fan, which simultaneously improves the conching of the chocolate mass during grinding and during the period of thin conching (when the rotation of the grinding tank with raised millstones).
The second additional fan, newly installed at the bottom of the melanger, provides cooling of the main drive gearbox, which is especially important during the break-in period and guarantees long-term trouble-free operation of the equipment.

Technical solutions for 2020 models, such as overload protection of the main drive of the melanger and temperature protection of the electric motor, eliminate the risks of emergency situations.
It is also necessary to note the ergonomics and reliability of the Allure equipment. For example, the emergency stop button is duplicated directly on the melanger, it allows you to instantly stop any operation, and the presence of a tank tilt remote allows to the operator to conveniently drain and maintain the melanger.
Improvements to the models M30 and M80, made in 2020, reduce the complexity of the production process, minimize losses, and reduce the percentage of rejects.
Excellent results were shown by a new, specially developed option – vibration-compensating supports for professional melangers M80 and M30, which significantly reduce high-frequency and low-frequency vibration.
The warranty period for Allure professional equipment has been increased to 5 years, and the manufacturer has no limited consulting support and our specialists are always ready to help, consult and communicate with our customers.
Vestra salus — nostra salus!

*) Guaranteed grinding time – the time during which a fully loaded melanger can grind cocoa nibs with crystalline cane sugar to a fineness of 30 microns.
For a professional series of M80 melangers equipped with pneumatic cylinders that press granite millstones to the granite bottom of the tank, the time for grinding chocolate is ~ 48 hours, for fillings, nut/seed pastes is about ~ 6-9 hours. The spring mechanism of millstones load on semi-professional Allure melangers JR5T and JR6T provide a significantly lower level of load compared to the M80. Therefore, springs as a loading mechanism can be used on melangers only with a tank volume of less than 10 kg.