Professional Melanger for 80 kg with an electric inclination of a bowl and the pneumatic pendant of millstones. Automatic equipment of temperature monitoring and protection against an overload. Control box on a separate rack. For all types of craft chocolate. With ALLURE equipment you will realize the most unique recipes: bitter chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate!

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Is your business growing rapidly? Then your reliable assistant will be the Professional Melanger Allure M80 3 in 1 ! With Melanger Allure M80 Vy you will be able to crush products depending on their fat content to a state of thin crushing or paste by batches from 12 to 80 kg! Millstones from granite are supplied with an additional pneumatic load system up to 400 kg, and allow to mill sugar, spices, spicery, different grains, beans and cereals to a state of flour or powder! The inclination of a bowl is carried out by means of a special electric motor. The control bar is located in a separate case on a portable rack. Automatic equipment of temperature monitoring and protection of the motor reducer from overloads provides high degree of reliability of this Machine.Being Grinder, Mixer and Conche machine at the same time, Allure M80 is ideal for making all types of craft bean-to-bar chocolate!

Power supply, 1 phase (3 phases)*380 V(230 V)*: 50/60 Hz
Power of the main drive, kW3 kW /4.02 Hp
Current consumption no more, Amps50 Hz, 230/400 V: 11,6/6,7  /  60 Hz, 230/400 V: 10,9/6,3
Loading volume, kg80
Clip force of granite millstones, kg 100-654
Pressure in the pneumatic system mPa /
maximum air flow nL / min
Maximum speed of rotation, turns/min at 50/60 Hz,100/120
Time of crushed cocoa grinding to particles in size of 25-30 microns48 hours
Machine dimensions no more, mm1350*740*1070 / 1400 х 1050 х 1080
Dimensions of the control unit, mm1280*400*630
Maximum weight, without packing / with packing, kg406/445
Video ALLURE M80

Video ALLURE M80