We are interested in equipment to produce RAW cacao paste. If the pressure in your grinding equipment can be controlled, is it correct to assume the temperature also can be controlled? Can the temperature during grinding/conching be monitored on a display? Is it possible to produce a RAW cacao paste with e.g. your JR5T or JR6T?

All of our machines are designed to operate between 35-64 degrees Celsius. We do not use additional heat elements to create and maintain the temperature of the processed mass.
The temperature of the processed mass is regulated by friction between the stone bottom, the millstones, and the processed mass. Friction is controlled by the rotational speed of the bowl.
The higher the bowl rotational speed is the faster the temperature gains. Grinding of the mass, also as the conching too, starts right from the first minutes of grinding.
The system of transmission of torque on all our melangers allows for slow rotation of the bowl and, accordingly, maintains a low temperature of the processed mass.
If the current value of temperature exceeds the set value 1 degree more, the rotational bowl speed would automatically reduce.