How does it work if the melanger needs any services or repair? Or if any parts need to be bought again? How is it working with the warranty, maintenance, and spare parts?

For five years of work, we have not had a single case in which the equipment was necessary to deliver for repair to our workshop.
We are the only company in the world to offer a 5-year warranty for PROFESSIONAL melangers (M series).
Most possible faults, such as a burnt-out light bulb or a broken button, can be easily rectified by the user of the equipment. Locally.
In case of an assumption about a malfunction or questions about the operation of the equipment, you must contact us, describe the situation, attach photos and video materials at our request.
We are available to contact seven days a week, we are happy to conduct video calls and online consultations.
If you will need spare parts, we will send them to you free of charge under warranty, at a cost price after the expiration of the warranty period.
If maintenance of the malfunction during the warranty period requires the intervention of an electrician or mechanic, then we can compensate your costs for these specialists after prior agreement with us.