Economic model with a spring pendant of millstones and a removable tank. Fine option for beginners chocolatier! It will help to complement the main range with small volumes of craft chocolate with exotic tastes.


Melanger JR10 has the facilitated version of the main frame and is created without use of a pneumatic system of loading for millstones. The design of Allure JR10 is made with a removable bowl that gives additional opportunities when unloading the machine.
JR is a new line of products of the Allure Company — the compact and functional equipment for production of chocolates, nut and grain pastes and spices. From now on the combination of compact sizes, high performance and excellent quality is filled with new sense!

Description Parameters
Power supply, 1 phase 230 V : 50/60 Hz
Power of the main drive, kW 0.75kW
Current consumption no more, Amps 50 Hz, 230V: 3,4 / 60 Hz, 230V: 3,1
Loading volume, kg 10–12
Clip force of granite millstones, kg 12-100
Maximum speed of rotation, turns/min 98/117
Time of crushed cocoa grinding to particles in size of 25-30 microns 15 hours
Machine dimensions no more, mm 70*630*470/800*460*480
Dimensions of the control unit, mm Built-in
Maximum weight, without packing / with packing, kg 60/90